Criminal Law

It is important to seek legal assistance from a lawyer at an early stage in an investigation. Justice has an entire body at its disposal and in many cases has no other purpose than to get the case “settled”. A suspect has many rights in this process. It is important that you are aware of these rights and make use of them if necessary. Furthermore, in many cases it is necessary to conduct an investigation into exculpatory evidence.

If you have received a writ of summons, it is important that you find a lawyer who will assist you as soon as possible. Your criminal lawyer will then have time to properly prepare your defense. A subpoena is an official letter from the Public Prosecutor (OVJ) calling on you as a suspect to be present at a court hearing. On the cover of the letter you can read what the Public Prosecutor suspects. The front also states where and when the session will take place. Everyone has the right to be assisted by a lawyer. This does not cost more than strictly necessary. We are also happy to help you on the basis of subsidized legal assistance (also known as an addition or pro bono).

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