We are committed to making clear agreements about the costs for our work. The amount of work is difficult to estimate in advance. The course depends on many uncertain factors. That is why we only work on an hourly rate.

We work with a fixed hourly rate of € 220 per hour excluding 6% office costs. Rates can be adjusted according to the complexity or urgency of an issue.

“No cure no pay”

In certain countries it is possible to make a “no cure no pay” appointment with a lawyer. This means that the lawyer only gets paid if the case is won. The lawyer co-finances the lawsuit. Often a percentage of the proceeds is agreed. A disadvantage of a “no cure, no pay” agreement is that the independence of the lawyer may be jeopardized. Such agreements are therefore not permitted in the Netherlands. With us it is possible to agree an hourly rate that depends on the result. This reduces the financial risk for you.

Legal aid financed

We assist clients in some jurisdictions on the basis of funded legal aid. More information on funded legal aid can be found at .


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