International contracts

In (international) business it is important to put agreements clearly on paper. It is easier to make agreements in advance to avoid problems than afterwards when the relationships may be less good.

We make contracts for you or assess your already drawn up contracts. This could include:

Contracts for orders
– Agency contracts
– License agreements
– Cooperation agreements
– Terms and Conditions

In international business, it is important to state a choice of law (which law applies to the agreement) and choice of forum (which court has jurisdiction) in the contract in case you have to sue in the future. There are huge differences per country. In Spain, for example, it is possible to receive customer compensation under certain conditions when a distribution agreement is canceled. This is not possible in the Netherlands. Depending on the case, a wrong choice can therefore cost a lot of money. The same applies to the choice of a competent court. Mentioning in the contract of a choice for a Dutch court as a competent judge compared to, for example, the court in Italy can save you enormous financial and time.

Should it unexpectedly go wrong between you and your contract partner, we can advise you on the various (legal) options. It is important that you get legal advice at an early stage. Perhaps the fulfillment of the agreement may be requested or you can terminate the agreement. It may be necessary to be ahead of your contractual partner in bringing a lawsuit. This can be important if, for example, you can choose to start a procedure in different countries. When your contract partner first starts proceedings in another (perhaps not favorable) country for you, it is often too late to bring the case to a Dutch court and you are unwillingly involved in a foreign procedure with all the inconveniences this entails. .

Would you like advice on drafting a contract or are you having problems with an existing contract partner? Feel free to contact us. Mail to nobel@nobeladvocatuur.nlor call 0031 (0) 885387355.


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