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Personal injury in Rotterdam

Personal injury lawyer Rotterdam

Personal injury lawyer in Rotterdam: Personal injury is a collective name for damage resulting from, for example, a traffic accident, medical error, work accident or other damage-causing fact. In such cases you can hold the (insurer of) the person who caused the damage-causing fact or your own insurer liable and request compensation for all damage suffered and to be suffered. Patrick Nobel is your personal injury lawyer in Rotterdam.

If liability is recognized, your personal injury attorney can estimate the damage for you. In that case, the costs are paid by the liable party. This applies to the fee. It also applies to the costs of the medical advisor and other experts. The costs must be reasonable and in accordance with the amount of damage that is awarded.

The starting point for an injury claim is that the compensation is sufficient to put you in the situation as if the accident never happened. Our activities are always aimed at getting your full damage reimbursed.

An injury claim includes the following damage items:

Sorrow money

Sorrow money is a compensation for the intangible damage you have suffered. It concerns psychological damage that you have incurred as a result of the accident and which you may still be able to sustain. Factors that may be important in the amount of a smart angel allowance are the way in which the accident occurred, how much time they may have had to spend in a hospital, what medical limitations have been left over from the accident, or if there are visible is permanent injury and how the accident has affected mental health. Your personal injury lawyer Rotterdam can help you to substantiate and calculate the correct smart money compensation.

loss of earning power

If, due to the damage-causing fact, you can no longer work (in part) or can no longer perform the work that you were able to do before, you are entitled to compensation for loss of earning capacity. Your personal injury lawyer in Rotterdam, Patrick Nobel, can help you substantiate and calculate the correct compensation for loss of earning capacity.

Material damage

This includes damage to vehicles, clothing, telephone costs, personal contribution for medical costs, telephone costs, travel costs for immediate family members, etc.

Have you had an accident in which you suffered personal injury? Would you like assistance to recover from the other party the damage suffered and still to be suffered as a result of this accident? Feel free to contact our office at 088-5387355 or at

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You will receive a telephone consultation without obligation. If you wish, you will be visited for an intake interview. In this conversation, all steps to be followed are explained and all information is collected that is necessary for holding the other party liable and for estimating the damage.

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How is the settlement of a personal injury case progressed?

Your personal injury lawyer from Rotterdam will visit you and gather all the necessary information to estimate the damage. This concerns medical information, but also your living situation, your family situation, and, for example, your work situation.

If the complaints as a result of the accident are permanent, medical experts will be required. All this is done in consultation with the liable party and the costs of the expertise are also reimbursed by the liable party.

After the independent expertise, additional expertise may be required. The handling of a personal injury case with a permanent injury takes about three to five years. This is the time generally required to reach an agreement on a final settlement.

During the course of the process, it is possible to request an advance for the damage up to that point. This will be done by your personal injury lawyer.

When estimating your damage, we use the guidelines of the personal injury council. More info:

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